Women's Day Calendar 2017

International Women’s Day March 2017

The Women’s Day also known as the International Women’s Day is celebrated by the various religions and caste on 8 March every year. This is the global day which is celebrated to appreciate the outstanding contribution as well as the social, cultural achievements of the women in various fields.

In order to dedicate or motivate the spirit of the womanhood, we celebrate this day in different ways. There are various public organizations including the No One Government, NGO, academic institutions, and other charity organization is responsible for this day which touches various matters related to the women including the women’s relationships, career, gender issues, well-being and other matters.

Women's Day Calendar 2017
Feminine March Calendar

When we talk about women, the first thing came into our mind is their varied emotions, their selfless love, caring nature, career-oriented, attitude, and other attributes. People says that understanding a woman is a mystery which nobody can resolve and no-one can find out the solution of this complex mystery as it requires lots of knowledge and creativity to understand a woman.

On this grand day, people and family members show their feelings and affections towards the woman. They celebrate this day in a different way; many of the organization conduct various events to inspire women and to accelerate their social equality. There are various NGO’s and charity organizations which take parts in different women’s day celebration events by organizing the staging plays, conducting seminars, as well as giving awards to the women. Do not waste your time as the Women’s Day is approaching, so start your preparation to celebrate this day.


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