Holi March 2017

Mark Holi Dates in March 2017 Calendar

The Holi is another popular Indian festival which is celebrated all over the India. The Holi festival comes on Phalgun Purnima in the month of February or March. This festive season is celebrated in a colorful way, on this occasion, people hug each other and wishes “Happy Holi” to your loved ones and friends.

In the beginning, we celebrate this day by lightening up the bonfire which is done in the evening. There are various different stories and facts associated with this celebration which makes the Holi festival jaunty and bright. After this eve, on the next day we celebrate Dhulandhi. In Dhulandhi, people rub gulal on each other’s face and say “Happy Holi” or “Bura na maano Holi Hai” and cheer up each other. You can also send blessings to your younger ones and give presents and gifts on this occasion to the loved ones.

Holi March 2017
Exciting Holi Festival Calendar

On this occasion, people wear different costumes which are white in color that gives the more festive look. Apart from the Gulal, people purchases innovative and stylish pichkaris from the market which attracts mainly to the children. On this festive season, women cook gujiyas, mathris, and other feasts as well as sweets for their family and loved ones.

Dhulhandi comes after the Holika Dahan. On the occasion of Dhulhandi, you will find great excitement and enthusiasm on people’s faces as this is the time when people rub Gulal and play with the colors. On this occasion, all the shops and offices remain closed for single or two days. You will find radiant and vivid colors in the air as well as you will find people pouring colored water on each other using pichkaris and by throwing balloons on each other. Apart from this, you will also find tolis that is the group of women and senior citizens move in their own colonies and rub gulal on each other’s faces. The group also dances on the music and on the rhythm of the dholaks.


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